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We aim to provide safe and professional pet sitting services using Fear Free techniques in Corpus Christi, TX

Pet Sitting: Dogs and Cats
*other furry animals can be discussed*

Quick Paw-in $25

Does your pup need a potty break while you are at work? A short 20 minute paw in can give your pup the potty relief he or she needs! 

Standard Paw-in $30

20 minutes too short? This 30 minute paw-in can be anything you need to keep your pup jolly during the day: treats, cuddles or play time in the yard. 

2 Paw-ins/day $60

A minimum of 2 paw-ins per day for your pup to stay jolly while you are on vacation. Each morning and evening visit is 30 minutes. The visits consists of feeding, potty breaks, and play time.  

3 Paw-ins/day $90

3 paw-ins per day is a strong recommendation from pet care specialists for a happy pup while you are away.  Your furry family member won't even know you are gone! The 30 minute visits are divided between morning, afternoon, and night and consists of feedings, potty breaks, and play time for your pup in your home. 

Walk in the Neighborhood

Adventure Walk

Is your pup digging holes in your yard or is begging for attention all day while you work from home? An adventure walk is what your pup needs. Your pup will stay healthy, and you can keep working without worry! 

Message for pricing.

PRICE shown is for one furry family member, each additional is $5.
Pet parents receive a summary card after each visit.

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