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My name is Ruselle Pham, The Dog Momma. I am a pharmacist, a wife, and a mother to four loving children namely Theodore, Adaline, and my two dogs, Tape and Rand.all. They are Bear's Little Bros.

My Story

I became a dog mom to my first fur baby, Bear, in 2015. He was the cuddliest and sweetest Maremma Sheepdog  you would ever meet.  My precious time with him was cut short to two and a half years. During those years, I was studying to become a pharmacist. With the little free time I had, I happily spent it with him. We enjoyed our daily morning walks in our small neighborhood in Flour Bluff. He always caught everyone's attention with his silky white fur and strong stance.  My fur baby looked like a fluffy white land cloud. On Saturdays, we ventured out to Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve to enjoy nature's gift.  His favorite past time was to lay outside in the backyard on a breezy day so he can feel the cool air through his fur. He had the most unforgettable smile afterwards.  

It was heartbreaking for my husband and I when he slowly deteriorated even with several veterinary visits. He was in constant pain and lost control of his bowel movements. We had to make the hard decision to lay him to rest as his pain became unbearable.

Bear's laugh, endless cuddles, and sweet smiles still warm my heart to this day. 

Bear ignited my passion to care for animals as my own. Since then, my friends and family entrust me to look after their furry family member while they are on vacation. Their mind is at ease knowing that their dogs are safe, loved, and cared for while they are away.

My unconditional love for dogs has led me to volunteer at a local pet shelter in Corpus Christi. This immersive experience served as a foundation on my dog interacting skills. Each dog is unique and their care should be tailored to their specific needs. In particular, my oldest boy, Tape, was diagnosed with Addison's disease in 2018. He suffered an Addisonian Crisis that required emergency admission in VCA hospital for several days. This happens when the adrenal glands are not producing enough cortisol, a hormone essential for life, that results to lethargy, weakness, vomiting, and dehydration. He is now stable and living a spoiled and happy life with daily oral medications and monthly steroid injections.


If you are looking for a professional pet sitter who is a true dog person, look no further. I am your Dog Momma.

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