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No shared visits. 

Bear’s Little Bros. is bonded and insured. Our insurance policy protects you, your furry family member and Bear’s Little Bros. in case an unfortunate incident occurs. Therefore, shared visits with family members or friends during a confirmed pet sitting service is not allowed. Shared visits voids the policy.

Rolling 24 hour visits for feline family members

Cats need 1 visit per 24 hours. The visit ensures that the cat is behaving normally while you are away.

No furry family member left behind 

Bear’s Little Bros. takes care of all furry family members in the home. If a furry family member is not included in the confirmed booking, an additional charge will be included in the final invoice.

Inclement weather 

During inclement weather, Bear’s Little Bros. will stop services and reach out to client’s emergency contact to check on your furry family member. We will resume services as soon as it is safe.      

Dog walks

Bear's Little Bros. currently offers individual walks in the client's neighborhood. Dogs must be leash trained to utilize dog walking services. 

Privacy Policy

Client's personal information is kept confidential and not shared with unauthorized third parties.

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